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Hello, Beautiful Soul
I can support you on your journey to self-trust, self-love, and living life on your terms
Bespoke 1:1 Sessions
'Journey to The Soul’ 6 Month Program
Latest Workshops
8-Week ‘How to be the BOSS of you’ program
'Journey to The Soul’ 6 Month Program
Bespoke 1:1 Sessions
Latest Workshops
8-Week ‘How to be the BOSS of you’ program
why choose me?
What You'll experience
In addition to always being welcomed and treated with respect, dignity, and love…you can expect:

I will always reflect back to you any patterns I see, even if sometimes they are hard to hear.


We will dig deep and bring to light any long-held hurts, disempowering beliefs, and unexpressed emotions. The release of these will leave you feeling lighter.


Just because this is deeply spiritual and healing work, it doesn’t mean we can’t have fun!

Heightened Understanding

Your self-awareness will grow enabling you to take control of your life and make choices with the support of your Inner Guide.

What this will give you
  • The confidence and trust in yourself to enable you to make decisions based on what is right for YOU
  • A resolved feeling around past-hurts and the ability to release emotions that have been trapped inside you for many years
  • Understanding around the importance of personal boundaries and a greater feeling of self-love
  • Improved relationships with loved ones and (most importantly) with yourself

In case you were wondering…

Who is

Lani is actually my nickname…my real name is Alana and I am a trained Life and Soul coach, but my journey started out coaching leaders…

My Offerings
How we can work together

Are you looking for close guidance and support? 1:1 sessions with me are tailored to your specific intentions or focus areas. I also offer mentoring sessions based around specific topics.

An 8-week journey to discovering how you can promote yourself to BOSS of your life and release the need for PEOPLE PLEASING. We will explore a mixture of healing the past, whilst also spending time visualising your dream future and creating a plan for making it a reality.

Each month, I run a free workshop focusing on a different topic. Why not join and learn something new?

What Other clients say
Kyla Tustin
Soul Coaching® Master Trainer

From the moment I met Lani her natural genuine authenticity emanated into my heart. As well as living and breathing being the BOSS of her own life. Lani embodies deeply a dedication to truth within her presence, commitment to growth and dedication to clients’ deep and sustainable transformation. Every step of the way she is becoming an even more remarkable and compassionate coach, creating a safe and nurturing environment for clients to discover their soul’s truth, empowerment, purpose and voice.

Leisa Kelly

Lani is a kind, genuine, empathetic coach who knows how to get the best of out of people. She was able to guide me through a process that uncovered a block left over from childhood that was stopping me from moving forward. I highly recommend Lani to help you achieve your goals.

Shirley Mathew

Lani just has an energy of ease and flow and I felt that in my session with her. I felt safe and comfortable enough for my inner child to come in and I received the most magical gift through her guidance that is helping me build my business today! It was the comfort of being with an old friend and from that place, healing just flowed.

Susannah Panneflek

Had a beautiful online coaching experience with Coach Lani. Was feeling depressed and very down, low on self worth due to some repeating self sabotaging pattern in my life. She lead me beautifully in a meditation to uncover the root causes of this pattern deep inside my wounded soul. This has helped me to start with the internal healing process of these patterns, but also felt immediately much better, lighter and with more self love. Highly recommend Coach Lani.

Chris Carder

I have thoroughly enjoyed my Coaching Sessions with Alana, She is a really perceptive and compassionate person who truly has a heart of gold and kindness and empathy shine through, I have really felt a genuine connection right from the start with Alana which has made it very comfortable to be able to talk freely. Alana has a very warm and welcoming smile and a generous personality which is evident when you meet her. I had the pleasure of 9 wonderfully constructive and powerfully meaningful coaching sessions spread over several months in 2022 which has helped me move from feeling uncertain and lacking confidence and hiding behind shame and uncertainty to where I now have definitely moved forward more hopeful for the future with
more clarity to where I am going and with greater confidence in myself. I can reflect warmly about our time together, recalling her gentle and caring approach as Alana helped me to look deeper into my heart and helped me search my inner being, for which I am so thankful and appreciative. I have no hesitation in recommending Alana’s services, she is an outstanding coach which is a special gift, the care she demonstrates for the individual while she is coaching is evident and her ability to help me drop into my inner being was profound and so beneficial. So to all who utilise Alana’s services you are in for a treat as you pursue your journey as Alana will be able to provide great help and care for you.

Stephanie Costa

My session with Lani made me feel relaxed and comfortable. It was such a lovely experience being guided by Lani and it left me feeling at peace and rejuvenated. I highly recommend if you are looking or a fresh take on spending time on you.

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