How to be the BOSS of you’ 8 Week Program

Unlock your inner boss and master your life and career with this 8 week program

Do you feel like you are living someone else's life? Always trying to please those around you, but never prioritising yourself? Do you feel suffocated by the expectations your family or society place upon you? Imagine for a moment, what it would be like to have the FREEDOM to express the real you…to feel so empowered that setting clear boundaries in your relationships is a natural thing for you and your relationships are thriving because of it. Can you see yourself having the CONFIDENCE to ask for what you want? Picture having the power to create the life of your dreams and to fall back in love with yourself.

You can have all of this, and more. How do I know? I once felt EXACTLY the same…full of frustration, with a huge reserve of anger boiling under the surface…I felt trapped in a life I had built by doing all the things I thought I was SUPPOSED to…and it left me unfulfilled. I have since studied and embodied some amazing tools and resources to take back control of my life.

In this 8 week program, I share with you proven tools and resources that have totally transformed my own life, while supporting you every step of the way. All that you need to live life on your terms is already WITHIN you, you just need a little help shining a light within and taking the first few steps. No more pushing yourself to the bottom of the hierarchy in your life…Promote yourself to BOSS of your life and watch the magic unfold.

Hey Beautiful, I'm Coach Lani and I am an Empowerment and Soul Coach who helps women transform their lives via my social media content, private 1:1 sessions and online workshops and programs.

Last year I said goodbye to my 6-figure corporate job in Geelong, Australia in order to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Since that time I’ve gone on to build a coaching business. My mission is to support women on their healing journey and help them to find themselves…their REAL self, not what others want them to be!

My journey to finding myself wasn't smooth…

For the most of my life I was who I thought I HAD to be. I wore so many different masks, that I forgot who I was. I began to believe I was actually a timid girl, whose eyes struggled to meet the gaze of others....whose voice didn't matter...whose purpose was to be everything for everyone.

These layers I put on myself came mostly from what I was told growing up. I was told or shown: Girls should be seen not heard, You have to be a good wife so you need to learn to cook, you are too loud, it's rude to speak your mind like that, men are powerful and should be feared, women must smile and be 'polite', dressing a certain way means I am 'asking for it', violence in relationships is ok, as is verbal abuse, I must totally lose myself in motherhood otherwise I am not a good mother....and on...

All of these, and many more were unconscious to me. I had never questioned my 'reality' and so I thought that's how things must be for everyone. I soldiered on in silence, never sharing my frustrations at the unfairness of it all.

Until I had my daughter and it all came crashing out of me like a tidal wave. It's as if I saw myself as a baby when I gave birth to her and I realised that I had never felt FREE. That morning I laid eyes on my daughter I promised myself that I would not allow her to lose herself. To lose her spark. In promising that I also promised to find myself again. So that I could be the role model that she needed me to be.

And so the journey of healing began. And wow, it began with so much f**king HURT. Panic attacks. Deep anxiety. Thoughts of suicide. Anger so intense it burned everyone around me. Of course it was 28 years of pent up rage coming out all at once.

I knew I needed help. And I sought it in many places. In meditation, in reiki and other alternative healing, in counselling, in coaching, in mentors, in self-help books....and the journey continues, because healing is lifelong.

Coaching has BY FAR made the most profound impact on me and my life. That's why I feel so passionately about sharing this gift with others, so that I can be their guiding light back to themselves. I now feel truly FREE…free to be the real me, free to live how I want to live, and free to speak my truth. I have fallen back in love with myself and I am no longer the people pleaser I once was. I can truly say I am the BOSS of my life.

You’re reading this today for reason. Something in your life doesn't feel right, and you want more. You are yearning to remember who the REAL you is, to uncover her from under all of the layers of bullsh*t that society has thrust upon you. You can see from my story that IT IS possible to be FREE of these expectations…to live life on your terms, to love yourself unconditionally, and to find the REAL you. Are you ready for the journey to becoming the BOSS of you? Because right now you have the chance to access the tools and resources that will support you on this journey.

All of these tools and resources are available in my 8 week online course. It’s a step-by-step program that supports you to assess where you are now, heal from past wounds and generational trauma, set clear goals, and learn how to maintain healthy boundaries. Most importantly, it helps you to gain clarity on what YOU want, and build the confidence to go out and get it!

Here is what past participants have said

"I would definitely recommend this 8 week program because the content and knowledge of (Coach Lani) got to address core issues that would normally take years in therapy"

"I was very impressed with this experience & the content and attention to detail and support were amazing"

P.S. Places are LIMITED because I like to keep the cohorts small so I can work closely with everyone on a more personal level…so get in QUICK!

Program Details

This program is for you if:

  • You want to forge your own path that may look different to the generational cycles in your family of origin
  • You are feeling frustrated, angry, or unheard and sense it's time to find your voice and step into your power
  • You struggle to set clear boundaries and self-love is at the bottom of your priorities (this is evident in people pleasing behaviour)
  • You are ready to heal past wounds and take control of your future

The program outline:

  • Week 1- Check-In: Assessing where you are now and creating a vision for your future
  • Week 2-Healing Little You: Facing any past trauma's, including those from your family lineage that you may not even know about
  • Week 3-Who do you want to be?: Painting a clear picture of the type of person you want to show up as every day
  • Week 4-How do you talk to yourself?: Checking your language and how to ACT despite fear
  • Week 5-What do you want to achieve?: Goal setting, including tools and a specific 'descriptive' goal setting methodology
  • Week 6-B stands for Boundaries: Setting clear boundaries with those around you
  • Week 7-Get Sh*t Done: I share with you all of the techniques that have earned me the reputation of 'Routine Queen'
  • Week 8-Celebrate your promotion to BOSS!: Reflect on how far you have come

At the end of the program you will:

  • Have a clear view of where you are now and where you want to be
  • Heal from any generational wounds
  • Clarify your Vision, Beliefs, and Rules
  • Understand the power of language and LOVING yourself
  • Have clear goals and a plan of how to achieve them
  • Know how to set and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Have systems and routines in place so that the 'admin' side of life runs smoothly...freeing you up to follow your dreams!

There are a 3 program options to choose from depending on how committed you are to your transformation…

Online Self-Directed Program

This is right for you if you would prefer to self-manage your program.


  • Weekly emails and videos for 8 weeks, weekly affirmations, and weekly song themes
  • A workbook each week, which includes all of the weekly activities, models, and tracking tools
  • Lifetime membership to private Facebook group

Program cost: $88

Group Program

This is right for you if you are interested in a bit more support from me, and a chance to connect with other like-minded souls along the way. The group sizes are kept small and intimate.


  • Weekly emails and videos for 8 weeks, weekly affirmations, and weekly song themes
  • A workbook each week, which includes all of the weekly activities, models, and tracking tools
  • Lifetime membership to private Facebook group
  • Program resources: welcome pack with surprise goodies, examples include: Journal, Stationary, Motivational Book….and more!
  • 4 x 60 minute group coaching sessions over Zoom
  • A number of tools to track your progress in the program and beyond

Program Cost: $488

*Groups are run on an 'as needs' basis- register your interest to join the waitlist for the next group cohort.

Personalised Program

This is right for you if you are ready to play all out and fully commit to your promotion. You will work one on one with me, going even deeper to focus in on your personal circumstances, so that I can help guide you to full BOSS status.


  • Weekly emails and videos for 8 weeks, weekly affirmations, and weekly song themes
  • A workbook each week, which includes all of the weekly activities, models, and tracking tools
  • Lifetime membership to private Facebook group
  • Program resources: welcome pack with surprise goodies, examples include: Journal, Stationary, Motivational Book….and more!
  • Access to 4 x 60 minute group coaching sessions over Zoom (*only available if the group coaching is being run at that time)
  • 4 x 60 Minute private coaching sessions with me over Zoom (valued at $150 each session), along with ad-hoc access to me throughout the program
  • A number of tools to track your progress in the program and beyond.
  • Bonus: 1 x 45 minute 'Routine Queen' session with me over Zoom (doesn't have to be within the 8 weeks). This will involve us setting up and personalising your calendar, setting up routines for your daily life and implementing a self-care ritual program (valued at $88)
  • Bonus: 12 month Oracle card reading- get a sense of what the next 12 months has in store for you! (valued at $50)

Program Cost: $688

What Other clients say
Kathy Ryan
Group Program Participant

I enjoyed the guided activities, the safe and gentle space you created, and the very helpful follow up emails you sent after the sessions to remind me of, and record for my later reference, some of my commitments/reflections.

Connie Pirera
Group Program Participant

I benefited in so many ways. I am now goal setting and Lani you have unlocked the key to my self-doubt…thankyou…I am so much happier.

Frequently asked questions
The ‘How to be the BOSS of you’ program is an 8-week course. For the Self-Directed and Personalised programs, you can begin at any time. For the Group program, please register your interest and join a wait list for the next cohort.
For the ‘Online Self-Directed Program’ there are no live calls.
For the ‘Group Program’, the calls are scheduled during weeks 1, 3, 5, 7, with a final celebration call that is optional. Please enquire about joining a waitlist for the next group cohort. The dates of the live calls for the next cohort are:
Week 1 Group Call: Wednesday, 31st May 2023 at 12pm AEST
Week 3 Group Call: Wednesday, 14th June 2023 at 12pm AEST
Week 5 Group Call: Wednesday, 28th June 2023 at 12pm AEST
Week 7 Group Call: Wednesday, 12th July 2023 at 12pm AEST
Celebration Ceremony Call: Wednesday, 26th July 2023 at 12pm AEST
For the ‘Personalised Program’- you will be able to book in your 1:1’s with me at a time that suits you.
I encourage you to prioritise the group coaching calls as there is so much value gained by joining live. However, if something unexpected comes up (illness, family emergency etc) then you can request a copy of the recorded session to watch in your own time. Please note that no more than ONE live session can be missed. Make sure that the times are suitable for you before joining.
Yes! You will have lifetime access to these materials so that you can return to them again and again.
If you join the ‘Group Program’ you will have access to 4 live group coaching calls. This involves being part of a small group of participants who come together to support each other through the program. I will be providing coaching and teaching in each of these calls, however there will always be some time set aside to allow each member to share their stories. There is nothing more healing than connecting with like-minded individuals and hearing that others are experiencing similar issues.

This will be a safe space to share, connect, and become each other’s biggest cheerleaders.
As the program is set up to be completed in a sequential way, unfortunately you won’t be able to upgrade halfway though. However, there is the option of joining another cohort at the next level up (i.e. if you did the Self-paced version the first time, you can join the group program for the next cohort or even the Personalised program). If so, the cost of whatever level you have already completed will be deducted from the total.
You are 100% protected by my 30-day Zero Risk Guarantee. Here's how it works...
Take the 'How to be the BOSS of you' course for a test drive, put everything to work, and see how it works for YOU. If, within 30 days of starting the course, you find that it is not helping you to discover more about yourself, just let me know, and I will IMMEDIATELY give you a refund. Sound fair?
After you sign up, you will receive an email confirming your order, which includes a Client Agreement for you to sign. Then once I have received your signed Client Agreement, and full payment, you will receive your welcome email with the Program Guide and all of the information on next steps. The program content is delivered through weekly emails, which include video tutorials, Workbooks, and other activities for you to complete.
The program is designed to be 'drip fed' with one module released to you each week. This is to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed by all of the content, and also to give you the time to really get into each activity and properly digest any new learnings. For this reason, you will not be able to access any future modules ahead of the scheduled 'release' time.
8 weeks is a long time to stay committed to anything. It's also about as long as it takes for a new habit to become automatic (66 days to be exact, as discovered by a 2009 study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology). The purpose of doing a program like this, as opposed to just reading a self-development book, is that you have access to support via the community on Facebook and an experienced coach (ME!). I suggest you take advantage of these supports as much as possible and if you are struggling with motivation- REACH OUT.
Not ready to fully commit to this program?

Join the monthly Coach Lani newsletter for monthly soulful themes, inspiration, tips, challenges, and soundtracks. PLUS when you join you get access to my masterclass video series and a 30-days of Self-love PDF… That’s a whole month of self-love activities planned out for you!